Renae Pappas
Oliver Pappas

Renae Pappas & Oliver Pappas

Renae is a mother, holistic homemaker, creative artist and, along with her husband Oliver, the co-creator of PRIZM ART Studio. PRIZM ART was originally inspired during their time living in beautiful Sedona Arizona, immersed in the powerful vortex energy of the red rocks. Now living in Florida, Renae and Oliver continue to create a very unique form of Fluid art.

PRIZM ART is a mixed media technique that incorporates acrylic pouring with a collage of various reflective and iridescent materials that are then embedded in a resin coating. Each piece is one of a kind and must be seen in person to appreciate its multi dimensional and textured qualities.

PRIZM Art’s dreamy, sparkly and otherworldly nature make it an excellent addition to brighten up any home or healing space such as a yoga or meditation room. Different lighting conditions will reveal many exciting color shifting effects of the paintings. It may feel like a totally different piece depending on the viewing angle!

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